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Greenley School will be reconstructed as an art center

PEORIA, Ill - After a lengthy debate, Peoria city council approved to rezone Greenley School to be repurposed as a community art center.

In recent months city council has been debating this possibility due to the school being in close proximity to a halfway house.

It is illegal for any in a halfway house to live within 500 feet of a school.

The art center's owner Jonathon Romain assured council members that this would be a studio for people of all ages and children would be well supervised at all times.

However many council members questioned if this art center would be successful, saying if the studio isn't successful the city would have to bear the costs of demolishing the building as they have with previous businesses in the past.

Ultimately the council members approved the rezoning permit for Romain. This will allow him to begin construction on the building with hopes of opening his doors to impact local youth soon.

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