PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Republican Gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin is making his rounds through Illinois from May 19 to May 21.

The Irvin for Illinois campaign kicked off a three-day early vote tour across several Illinois counties.

Mayor of Aurora Richard Irvin, State Representative Avery Bourne, and the GOP Slate are speaking with voters about their campaign.

Traveling to the Peoria International Airport on Thursday, Irvin started his #TakeItBack campaign.

Irvin’s goal as Governor is to “Take Illinois back from out of control crime, skyrocketing taxes, and public corruption in every level of government.”

Walking alongside his running mate Bourne, both of the candidates want Illinois to be a state that supports law enforcement and reduces crime.

“They [citizens of Illinois] are concerned about crime, they’re concerned about the safety and the future of Illinois, and let our law enforcement know that we know what they’re going through. We’re going to return this to a law and order state, and we’ve got their back absolutely,” said Irvin.

Irvin also traveled to the towns of Bethalto, Robinson, and Lockport on Thursday.