UPDATE (7:59 p.m.) — WMBD spoke with Superintendent Scott Dearman and he confirmed that after school, a student came up to faculty and said they believe another student had a firearm on them.

The administrator found the student still on campus and searched his bookbag and contacted the police after finding an unloaded handgun. There were no threats made with the handgun and it was an isolated incident.

Regardless, the school faculty and officers will address the situation with students next week for peace of mind.

DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD)– A student was found with a handgun in their backpack in Dunlap Middle School on Friday.

According to Peoria County Sheriff Watkins, detectives were called to investigate at approximately 3:43 p.m. after a student reported that another student had brought a handgun into school.

Staff searched the backpack and found the unloaded handgun and immediately notified the police.

The handgun was unloaded. No threats have been reported related to the handgun.

The 14-year-old juvenile was charged with possession of the handgun and booked into the Juvenile Detention Center.

Investigators are searching the juvenile’s residence and finding out how the juvenile had access to firearms. This investigation is still ongoing.