PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Hall of Fame and Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Charley Steiner has some tips for the next generation of communication professionals.

Steiner said his advice to those starting out is to “be yourself and be honest and truthful. Everything else will then take care of itself.”

“How do I stand out? You don’t. You be yourself. If you’re good enough, you will stand out. But to start waving flags and pompoms and making noise and all of that – just be yourself and be truthful,” he said.

Although he grew up in New York and now lives in Los Angeles, Steiner said Peoria will always have a special place in his heart because “it’s where it all began.”

“My first steps on this journey began here. So it will always be special,” he said.

Steiner was in Peoria for his annual symposium on sports broadcasting at his alma mater, Bradley University.

“I get more joy and knowledge, and I just feel better about things than, I think, the students who come and pack this room…I just feel more grounded after spending time at the school,” said Steiner.

Steiner has won five Emmy Awards and graduated from Bradley in 1971.