PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The snow is done falling in Central Illinois, but dangerous cold and high winds are here to stay throughout the weekend.

Peorians will be cleaning up the remnants of the storm from driveways and sidewalks in preparation for Christmas and this week local hardware stores saw an influx of customers coming in to get their snow cleaning supplies.

An arctic boom means a boom in business for Peoria hardware stores.

“Very first thing this morning, a lot of people before the snow really started falling coming in for shovels, ice melt,” said assistant manager at Nena Ace Hardware in Peoria, Brenda Helsley.

At Nena Ace Hardware, customers have bustled through the aisles since Tuesday making sure they have what they need to weather the storm.

“Usually people today (Thursday) have been coming in for the 50 pound bags of salt. We have some businesses coming in and picking up 4 to 10 50 pound bags of salt,” Helsley said.

Helsley said the boom in business has pushed employees thin, but it’s nothing they’re not used to on a snowy day.

“Especially this time of year because vacations, you know you got staff that goes to see family out of town, but everybody pitches in and try to get every customer we can that walks in the door,” Helsley said.

If you’re in need of supplies before the next snow storm, Helsley said they’ve got you covered.

“We stock up pretty well before the snow flies,” Helsley said.