Heat Wave expected for Tailgate N Tallboys

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From Nelly to Kane Brown, there’s going to be something for everyone at Tailgate N Tallboys. But with temperatures reaching into the 90’s, organizers want to make sure that you stay hydrated.

“Luckily American Water has been a big sponsor of ours,” says Leon Edwards who is the VP of Inked Entertainment. “They actually have a lot of stations set up throughout the grounds [in the area].”

Although you can’t bring in coolers, if you plan on attending the concert pack an empty water bottle so that you can fill it up at the free water stations.

“I can’t stress enough that you want to stay ahead of the problem because once you’ve become dehydrated,” says Josh Bradshaw of AMT. “It takes a long time to get back to your normal level again.”

There are also other ways to stay cool.

“Sunscreen is a great idea and having shade, taking an umbrella, having somewhere to sit down,” says Bradshaw.

It’s also great to have a buddy system so you can keep each other safe.

“Buddies can remind one another to stay cool,” Bradshaw says. “Stay hydrated, not to exert and be safe.”

Overall, organizers want you to be safe and have fun.

“It’s gonna be hot,” Edwards says. “But it’s gonna be fun.”

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