Heavy rains causing flooding around Peoria

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PEORIA, Ill., April showers bring May flowers, but these showers are also causing issues that aren’t as pretty.

Heavy rains can mean flash flooding, which affects businesses and neighbors.

“If we get the forecasted weather that they say we’re gonna get I would suggest that no one even try to come down Farmington road for a while,” Peoria Speedway owner, Jim Plumer said.

Jim Patterson, a volunteer a the speedway, mentions good ways to prepare for a flood.

“Get your most valuables out, whatever you can get out and whatever you respect or receive [the] most damage from the flood waters get it out because it will be ruined,” Patterson said.

Plumer says the Peoria Speedway has been flooded before.

“Where we’re standing in this parking lot right now a few years ago this was over five feet tall or over six feet deep with water,” he said.

Plumer hopes it doesn’t get worse, but says homeowners may have more to worry about.

“I feel sorry for all the people that go through this with their own residents along the Illinois river, you know [it has to] be terrible for them it’s just a business for me I don’t know what I would do if it was my house,” Plumer said.

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