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Helping individuals with disabilities reach milestones

TREMONT, Ill. - Since opening its doors in 1983, the Tazewell County Resource Center has been seeing everyone as people, not just people with disabilities. Beginning as a sheltered workshop, the facility has shifted its focus toward community integration by training its clients with spring board programs.

“The programs will provide settings where they’re in the community all the time,” said Jaimie Durdel. He adds, “Job shadowing a businesses, they're able to volunteer, work in groups and learn a lot more skills then they would in a sheltered workshop setting.”

Two of TCRC's growing and exciting programs are janitorial services and the kitchen program, providing an opportunity to teach life skills.

Food Service Director, Kelly meals says, “It’s a very rewarding job, I love to teach our clients and watch them grow.”

Durdel says TCRC is striving to eliminate labels, showing the community that individuals with disabilities are your neighbors, friends and co workers.

“The way people look at developmental individuals with intellectual development disabilities is totally different then it was 10 years ago and everyone deserves a chance,” Durdel explains.

For those who call TCRC their home away from home, they take great pride in what they do.

“It makes me feel good to get the kitchen clean, seeing that floor shine, that makes me feel so proud of myself,” said TCRC client Sharon Wagner.

If you would like to help protect and strengthen the opportunities that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have to lead full and independent lives you can find more information here.

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