Homeowner takes issue into his own hands; digs up creek in Richland Farms

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EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — One Richland Farms homeowner took it upon themselves to do work that he says the East Peoria Levee and Sanitation District should have been doing for years.

There’s a creek that runs right through the Richland Farms neighborhood, home to around 800 people. Many homeowners said it had gone years without being properly maintained.

They say the high grass and lack of depth in the creek cause the area to horribly flood when there’s heavy rain.

So one make took it upon himself, brought his equipment to the creek, and dug part of it out himself.

He says he did the work in two hours one night, and doesn’t understand why district leaders haven’t sent workers down to do the entire creek.

He says the Richland Farms Neighborhood Association and city leaders are supposed to meet soon, but recent meetings have been cancelled.

East Peoria Public Works told WMBD Tuesday saying they’re planning to clean up culverts and are hoping to improve the drainage way soon.

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