How cool do you keep your house? The federal government recommends 78 degrees

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PEORIA, Ill.– Energy Star recently recommended the most energy-efficient temperatures to cool homes is 78 degrees. This recommendation quickly gained disapproval on social media.

For optimal, efficient energy, users should set their thermostat to 85 degrees when at work, 82 degrees when sleeping and 78 degrees when at home.

While these temperatures are ideal, Nacy Feucht of Washington said she does not plan to follow suit.

“My husband would just melt in a puddle,” she said. “We keep it at 67 degrees.”

75 plus degree temperatures can be very uncomfortable for many residents. Julia Winker of Peoria said the federal government’s suggestion is too high for her.

“I like to be like in Antarctica most of the time, so I like to keep my apartment around 72 to 69-ish when I sleep,” Winker said.

Although the recommendation is ideal for residents nation-wide, Ameren Energy Spokesperson Stacey Shangraw said she recommends customers to keep their thermostat at however they feel comfortable.

Shangraw did say however that she recommends customers follow energy-efficient tips by using a smart thermostat, window shades, energy-efficient LED and running ceiling fan counterclockwise.

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