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On July 2nd the Normal City Council will discuss the possibility of making recycling in McLean County mandatory. Council members plan to pass the Multi-family Recycling Ordinance which would go into effect in August of next year.

The ordinance would effectively force landlords to provide recycling services for its tenants living in apartments and mobile homes. Currently landlords have the option to do so and some do provide them but this new act would make all of them have to.

City Manager Pamela Reece is in full support of the ordinance because she say it is in compliance with the solid waste management plan the council has created but she does understand the frustration.

“I can’t speak for all of them but what I have heard is that some property managers would like to try a voluntary program initially,” Reece said. “There are some multi-family property managers and property owners that already provide recycling services for their tenants but this ordinance would make it mandatory”

The draft of the ordinance states the town will require landlords to contract with private refuse collectors as opposed to running the program themselves. Those collectors would then have to report to the Ecology Action Center on how much material they collected.

Violators of the policy, if made mandatory, would be subject to a $100-a-day fine but Reece says the council has a similar fee for all of the policy’s they pass in the meeting. 

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