PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (WMBD) — It’s been a searing start to summer with multiple strings of hot days in May and June. For workers with outdoor jobs, it can be incredibly dangerous.

“It has been hot overall, but certainly I think it’s the persistence–how long we’ve seen that heat over the last 9 weeks or so–that I think makes it feels that much hotter,” said state climatologist Dr. Trent Ford.

Last month, temperatures across much of the state were higher than average.

“Normally between the beginning of the year and this time in July, around July 20th, 21st, the city of Peoria usually experiences somewhere between maybe 10 and 20 hours, total hours, where the heat index is above 100 degrees. And so far, this year we’ve had about double that,” said Ford.

During the hottest parts of the year, workers who work outdoors, including roofers, can experience dangerous heat.            

“We took a temp check in an attic just three days ago. It was 140 degrees. On the roof deck right above it, it’s probably pretty close to that, so it’s very, very hot,” said ROOF TIGER founder Benjamin Tiger.

ROOF TIGER in Peoria Heights says it receives fewer calls in the summer, but when they do work in sweltering conditions, they do what they can to beat the heat while on the job.

“We use what’s called the T.I.G.E.R method. It’s an acronym. T stands for timing. You want to wake up early as possible to start roofing, As early as possible. I is for intentional movement. Don’t take four steps when it can only take two. G is for Gatorade. Stay replenished, stay hydrated. E is for efficiency. Always staying quick on your movements. And R is for rest and relaxation,” said Tiger.

Tiger said that his business tends to get a lot of their calls in spring and fall when precipitation is a bit more abundant, and leaks are more noticeable.

If you have to spend time in the heat this month, follow rules such as the T.I.G.E.R. method or other guidelines from local health officials to stay safe.