PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Central Illinois students are just days from returning to school, and parents were busy Thursday shopping for supplies, but a bill signed by Governor Pritzker could provide some relief next week.

“I’m always a little shocked about how much school supplies cost, it feels like,” said one parent, Katie Vandenberg.

Senate Bill 157 lowers the tax rate on clothes and school supplies by 5% for 10 days. The tax break is valid from August 5-14.

“It makes such a small difference for me for the tax that we are paying… yeah, it’s a little hard to change my plans just for that difference in the tax rate,” said Vandenberg.

So how much would the difference actually be?

On Thursday, I shopped at the Peoria Target to find out. I got basic supplies like crayons, glue, expo markers folders, and much more. My total came to $41.74 cents, I paid $3.45 in tax, which is 9%.

When the tax break begins on August 5th, I would have spent $39.82, saving $1.92.

One Peoria parent, Calvin Macklemore, said he’s shopping for three kids.

“I have to buy glue, paper, book bags, so I spent about $350,” said Macklemore.

Macklemore said he couldn’t wait for the tax break and would rather get it all now.

“I definitely would have. If it could’ve waited, but you know school starts on Wednesday, so I have to make sure I have things,” said Macklemore.

He said he still has more shopping to do, but the tax break won’t make a difference.

“It’s something that we have to do, it’s kind of like the gas prices, I’ve driven less, but I still need to do that,” said Macklemore.

All the supplies that we purchased today will be donated to the Dream Center of Peoria.