How to make holiday gift returns simple

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According to the Better Business Bureau, last year 28 percent of consumers returned holiday gifts. This means you can expect longer lines if you’re out and about in stores. 

“If you come in early in the morning that’s when less traffic is. Our peak time is always between 12 and about 4 p.m. in the afternoon, that’s when you see the most traffic. if you come more so at the opening time of the store then you’ll be more likely to see less lines and it’s easier for you to get through those registers,” said Todd Peterson, JCPenney general manager.

Peterson said he wants his store to make this process as painless as possible for the customer.  

“We’re always trying to be one to two weeks ahead through our entire holiday season. So our team’s already prepared fixtures and return materials to be able to help out the customer today,” said Peterson. 

But long lines might not be the only issue.

“The biggest complaint we get from businesses this time of year is return fraud, where consumers come in with a product that wasn’t necessarily purchased at that store and tried to return it even if it was for an in store credit,” said Jessica Tharp, Better Business Bureau CEO. 

Tharp said the best way to address this is to train employees to identify fraud. On the other hand, she said online customers can also face return issues. 

“They’ve scored a great deal from a social media ad perhaps and now they’re learning that that website is gone and there’s no way to reach that company, or maybe the website is still there but there is no return policy, there is no instructions on how to remedy the situation,” said Tharp.

Tharp said that in this case people can reach out to them for help on locating the company or owner. 

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