Hundreds line up to purchase Ring Security cameras with subsidized price

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PEORIA, Ill. — After Peoria city council approved a partnership with Ring Security to subsidize the cost of cameras, hundreds of Peorians lined up on Saturday to purchase a camera.

“We came early because we wanted to make sure we got one,” said Robin Albright, who purchased a system.

With only 1,000 cameras available at a discounted price, Maria Diaz arrived around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

“A hundred dollars off is what brought me here,” said Diaz, who was the first in line.

For most people in line, getting a security camera is a precaution.

“Sometimes I’m home alone at night and if I can see who’s at my door, I can choose whether I want to open it or not,” said Diaz.

Peoria city council approved the partnership with Ring back in July.

“City council unanimously voted for this program because we think it’s going to have a significant impact on neighborhood safety,” Jim Montelongo, council member for the fourth district.

For each purchase, the city contributed a $50 subsidy, and ring matched.

With $100 off, it’s a deal many couldn’t pass up.

“We’re thankful for the fact that we can get these at a discounted price, because they’re not cheap,” said Albright.

And with the morning’s turnout, leaders are looking for to the impact it will have on making the community safer.

“We’re excited because we’re part of the process of enabling people to take action on safety or security,” said Kevin Evans, senior economic engagement specialist for the City of Peoria.

As more cameras are installed, council member Montelongo thinks the city will see success, and he hopes they partner with Ring again next year.

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