BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Major upgrades are soon coming to the Grossinger Motors Arena in downtown Bloomington.

Monday night, the council approved a $173,000 design contract with Farnsworth Group for HVAC system replacement at the arena and the adjacent Bloomington Ice Center.

Earlier this year, Farnsworth Group and the city assessed the condition of the existing units. The assessment found that the current units are 15 years old and have corroded and the refrigerant they use isn’t made anymore.

Kevin Kothe, public works director for the city said there’s no choice but to replace the units as they are past repair.

“In order to maintain the viability of the arena, it’s a necessary mechanical replacement and if we don’t do it there’s continued maintenance costs with the units we have until the point where they can no longer serve the arena reliably,” Kothe said.

In total, the cost to replace the two arena units could be around $4-6 million according to Kothe. The additional unit at the ice center could cost between $670,000 to over $1 million.