‘I love a white woman with a big [expletive],’ an East Peoria woman reports she was sexually assaulted at an East Peoria Walmart

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East Peoria woman is pressing charges after being groped by a man at Walmart

East Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) — Yvette Beard speaks out after she was allegedly sexually assaulted at Walmart in East Peoria. June 16, 2020 East Peoria police officers were dispatched to Walmart for a male making sexual comments to multiple females and grabbing multiple females buttocks.

Upon arrival, officers had the suspect who identified himself as Brian Moore secured in handcuffs. The officers met with multiple victims at Walmart to hear their side of the story.

Beard said she came to Walmart on her lunch break to grab food, but she never thought she would be assaulted.

“Normal day going about my business and then that happens and it just completely through everything off,” Beard said.

Beard told police Moore said, “Can you buy me lunch, I love a white woman with a big [expletive]. She said Brian continued to pull her towards him, hugged her, palmed her butt, pulled her face mask down and kissed her on the right cheek.

“Taking a bath this morning I could still feel his hands on me and it’s just uncomfortable now I’ll be scared for somebody walking up to me,” Beard said.

Beard also said she has concerns about his close contact because of COVID-19. She said she has no clue if Moore has it and is worried about her husband who has lung issues, her son who has asthma and her parents who are a part of the vulnerable population.

Police reports show Beard was not the only one. In the report, there are comments from five other women including Walmart employees. One of the employees told police she was working in the female clothing area when Moore approached her and said “You are sexier than a [expletive] and I am going to squeeze your [expletive].”

Moore made similar statements to the other women Tuesday. After officer’s read Moore his Miranda Rights, he refused to provide his side of the incident, but repeatedly made this statement, “A [expletive] that is gonna get a hug better expect to get their [expletive] grabbed by me.”

Beard’s mom, Paula Eubanks said she is disturbed. “I just want her to feel safe when she leaves her home and goes to her job or goes to the grocery store and now she has that fear of looking over her shoulder because somebody has done this to her,” she said.

Beard and Eubanks said although Walmart did a good assisting the women during this incident they need to have more security guards and surveillance cameras, especially in the parking lot.

The police report shows Moore was transferred to Tazewell County Jail and released to correctional officers. Officers said he had other warrants.

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