PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) asked the public to bring in their birdbaths and feeders as highly pathogenic avian flu cases increase across the Midwest.

IDNR is also stressing areas visited by waterfowl.

“It’s been poultry. This flu hits poultry and water birds. The other caution we don’t like to hear is eagles,” said Interim Executive Director for the Illinois Audubon Society Joanne Fessett.

The recommendation is temporary and set to end at the end of May, or until cases in the Midwest wind down.

This precaution is to help make sure it doesn’t spread among songbirds.

“When you have a food source where you’d get a large congregation of them. There’s just more chance of spreading,” said University Of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator Nicole Flowers-Kimmerle.

While feeders may be limited for the near future, birds aren’t completely out of luck.

“The good news is that we are coming up on spring and summer. So, the birds will find ample, natural food sources,” said Fessett.

Once feeders and birdbaths return, there are ways to still help prevent the disease from spreading to our feathered friends.

“Make sure that you’re removing all the debris and that you’re keeping it clean and really just scrubbing with soap and water still leaves bacteria, so they recommend bleach. Water-bleach solution. 9 parts water 1 part bleach and kind of soak those. Let them dry, ” said Flowers-Kimmerle.

If five or more dead birds, sick or dead eagles are found in one spot it should be reported to local IDNF officials.

Here is a link to find your local official.