If sewage problems not fixed, Bloomington could be fined by IEPA

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Technical issues in Bloomington led to the city’s council meeting being postponed until Wednesday. That’s when leaders say they plan to take the next step on a 9-phase infrastructure plan.

Mayor Tari Renner says the city wants to separate sewer and stormwater lines and replace some water mains on the east side of town.

“This has been in the works for many, many years,” he said. “Sugar Creek sometimes has a fluid in it, because of sewage overflow. I mean, that is just totally unacceptable, in fact we may be fined by Illinois EPA if we don’t move decisively. We have to do this as soon as possible, we have to make sure that we protect the public health and the environment as soon as we can.”

However, Renner says, the cost of the project could be too much for the city. On Wednesday the council will vote to apply for the Rebuild Illinois grant which could give the city up to $4.5 million that expense.

Delaying Fines and Fees:

The council is debating how long a grace period you will be given to pay fines and penalties.

Some on the council want to give community members and businesses six months to pay their city utility payments, food and beverage taxes, parking tickets and ordinance violations, but others say three months.

On Wednesday they’ll decide which time period to go with.

“The point here, was to try and reduce the burden on our small businesses that have had lots and lots of difficulties obviously amid COVID,” said Renner. “We have not done this before, we’ve never had COVID before, so there are all kinds of things that we are doing in reimagining, and reinventing city government in Bloomington for the future.”

If approved the grace period will kick in immediately after the state enters phase 4 of Pritzker’s Restore Illinois plan.

Phase 4 is set to begin Friday, June 26th.

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