CANTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A beloved local baby reindeer, who was featured on WMBD news in April, died Tuesday according to Snowman’s Reindeer Farm.

Baby Igloo “Iggy” died due to a short illness, the farm said.

“We don’t know what happened,” the Facebook post read. “He was perfectly fine and his usually spunky self in the morning. At his evening feeding time, around 6 p.m., he was acting disoriented and dizzy. His temp was 106.6. All three of our vets at Spoon River Animal Clinic came to his rescue immediately and performed supportive care.”

The post said he deteriorated quickly and was rushed to the University of Illinois animal hospital where more vets had worked on him.

“They packed ice around him, added a fan, did blood work, and held his head, giving him love,” said Snowman’s Reindeer Farm.

Iggy’s temperature went up to 108.5 (a normal temp for a reindeer is 102) even after the medication and the critical care he received. He died within an hour of arriving at the U of I animal hospital.

This loss for Snowman’s Reindeer Farm comes less than a month after the loss of Kringle, a 6-year-old reindeer who died on Sept. 20.

The farm has spent the last day giving exams to the other reindeer and sterilized the area they are in as a precaution. They said no other reindeer have shown signs of trouble.

Iggy was just two weeks old when he visited the set of WMBD.