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PEORIA, Ill. — Thousands appreciated the arts at Ignite Peoria on Saturday.

With hundreds of activities, families and people of all ages came to explore the event.

“It’s designed to spark creativity and inspire artistry among everyone here in Peoria,” said Jenn Gordon, the executive director for ArtsPartners of Central Illinois.

Over 3,000 people got to experience the arts community hands-on.

“I saw some ballerinas, I painted, I saw Ghostbusters, and storm troopers, and I saw somebody wearing Harry Potter,” said Leah Karl.

With 100 booths, and almost 30 performances, there was something for everyone at Ignite.

“It’s really an incredible opportunity to connect people with all of the ways that they can express themselves creatively in our community,” said Gordon.

The event showcases all types of arts that Peoria has to offer.

“There’s so much to be proud of in Peoria, and Ignite Peoria celebrates all of that,” said Gordon.

Painting, building, sewing, and moving were just some of the activities on display.

“I’m having so much fun, I made a bracelet, I made a bookmark out of yarn, and I painted,” said Karl.

Ignite Peoria is for everyone, but for kids, the day sparks a new appreciation.

“I learned how to do new things,” said Karl.

People running booths are excited to spread creativity to the next generation.

“Younger people are our future, right,” asked Joe Spanier with River City labs.

“It is very important to give the youth involved in the arts and in arts organizations because they’re our future,” said Shannon Cox, the director of the Peoria Art Guild.

They say getting kids involved at a young age creates a lifelong interest.

“It’s really good to get kids interested in working with their hands, and creating things now, rather than later,” said Spanier.

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