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Il. representatives on gun control

PEORIA, Il - Sunday's Las Vegas deadly shooting has reignited the debate on changing regulations for bump-stocks, which can make a semi-automatic rifle fire, a fully-automatic weapon. Bump stocks were used on all of Stephen paddock's guns to injure more than 500 concert-goers.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, weighed in on the debate.

“I’ve signed off on another piece of legislation that was just introduced that would call for this device to be illegal. I have also asked the ATF, to take a look at why these were even legal in the first place and that's what we need to do as a nation going forward,” Bustos said.

Republican Congressman Darin LaHood agrees with Bustos and believes discussions should take place as soon as possible. LaHood says congress should focus on enforcing gun laws that are already on the books.

“Right now you cant be convicted of domestic violence either on the misdemeanor level or felony level and posses a weapon, we need to enforce that law. If you've been diagnosed with mental illness you cant purchase a gun we need to enforce that better and of course if you’ve been convicted of a felony you cant.”

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