BELLEVILE, Ill. (WMBD) — The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) issued an order to adjust the base rates for Illinois American Water Thursday.

According to a press release, the request was made in February and was driven by $1.1 billion in completed or planned investments in the Illinois water system and wastewater system.

Typical residential customers who use 3,500 gallons per month can expect an increase in their monthly water service bills of $3 and $16. The typical residential wastewater bill is expected to increase between $25 to $36 a month.

The rate order will increase Illinois American Waters’ yearly revenue by approximately $67 million. The money will help replace critical water and wastewater infrastructure, including the replacement, lining and installation of approximately 141 miles of aging water and wastewater pipelines.

“By making prudent, ongoing investments to maintain and upgrade our water and wastewater systems, Illinois American Water is committed to the safety and reliability of our systems in the communities we serve,” said Rebecca Losli, Illinois American Water president.

The investment includes upgrading water and wastewater treatment plants, storage tanks, wells, pumping stations, fire hydrants, meters and manholes across the state.

A low-income tariff was also approved, which can reduce the bill of those that qualify. More information is available here.