Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts hosting 76th annual firefighter conference

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PEORIA, Ill. — The Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts is hosting its 76th firefighters conference at the Civic Center this week.

Fire departments from all across Illinois come together to show off the latest tools that they use in the field, and help each other learn newer, more efficient ways to save lives and fight fires.

One booth helps raise awareness to the growing body of research and data on connections to job-related exposures and chronic illnesses, and explains how the simple installment of a washer and dryer can help save lives.– The booth also recounted the passing of Peoria firefighter Nick Riordan last year.

“Nick was a volunteer fireman for a long time, then he worked as a fireman and he was exposed to all of those harsh things and I don’t think there was even a question that there is a connection between the harsh environment firefighters work in and cancer. Nick was 32 years old and was a tragedy,” said Mark Wilkins, Owners of Hermes in Bloomington.

Hermes has installed over 100 washers and dryers over the past two years to help keep their fire fighters safe and healthy!

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