Illinois-based company looking to expand outside the state

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An Illinois-based energy company is choosing not to expand its business in the state. 

In a statement Marquis Inc. explains it looked into purchasing 800 acres of land near Jacksonville to build an ethanol facility. Now, citing an anti-business climate, leaders say they will let that contract expire, and look to build elsewhere. 

A new bill in Springfield would require advanced safety training for workers at high hazard facilities. 

It also requires companies to pay workers a prevailing wage. That is a determined rate in each county for different types of work.

“This legislation would inflate the cost of the development to the point the project would not have an adequate return on investment and would negatively impact our company’s ability to competitively bid construction projects,” CEO Mark Marquis stated, “Illinois government’s anti-business and high tax policies will require us to pursue company expansions in surrounding states. Senate bill (SB) 1407 is an example of legislation that will negatively impact our company’s expansion plans—removing our company’s choice in construction contractors we hire and the agreed upon price between the two parties, reducing competition and inflating costs.”

Some other industry groups agree, saying if the bill passes, it could jeopardize the number of people employed and push business away from the state.

The company also called on federal lawmakers to work with the Trump Administration and reduce or eliminate tariffs on agricultural products. 

“I hope our legislators work together to tackle these trade barriers and release the stranglehold of regulations on job creators,” Marquis said.

Company leaders did say they’re considering expanding outside the state. 

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