Illinois Budget Impasse Continues to Cause Closures

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When lawmakers return to Springfield, they’ll have two spending plans to consider.

One from Democrats and the other by Republicans.

Senator Bill Brady introduced a budget plan backed by republicans in the House and Senate last night.

He said it’s unfortunate Governor Bruce Rauner has to force the legislature to do its job, but his call to action is justified.

Brady hopes his plan will get bipartisan support.

“I believe the governors office could support it, and the House Republicans and the Senate Republicans,” said Brady. “The question will be the reaction. Will this bring Mike Madigan and the House Democrat to the table?”

Brady said people expect Governor Rauner to lead, and if that means forcing the legislature to do its job, he is in full support of it.

Before session ended in May, the Senate sent the House a Democrat-passed budget.

Among many closures, the budget impasse is also affecting highway projects in Peoria County.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) said they may have to shut down any ongoing  state funded road projects.

The department will shut down the Lancaster road bridge and Trivoli bridge projects if a budget isn’t passed soon.

State Representative, Dan Brady said, the blame game is high and pressure is on for a budget to be passed.

He said they obviously don’t want to see more projects postponed and programs closed, but he said that’s what it takes to get a budget passed.

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