PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Illinois Central College held an event this morning called “Bulletproof Mind”, which was hosted by former Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. The event went over school shootings and how to better protect students.

School shootings have become and ever present part of the American education system, and their impact has affected how schools operate.

“School administrators, 10, 15, 20 years ago, all they had to worry about is educating the kids, not worrying so much about school safety, now it’s as much about school safety as it is educating our children, and our children are our number one asset,” said Brian Fengel, Director of the Central Illinois Police Training Center.

With recent events such as the deadly school shooting in Nashville, school safety is more important than ever. Grossman went over how to identify warning signs and how schools can better prepare themselves.

School officials said they want to make sure they’re following the correct guidelines.

“Attending events like these ensures that what we’re doing is following our best practices, we, every time that there’s a school safety incident, follow our behavior threat assessment protocols, and ensure what we’re doing aligns with what the experts in the field are telling us, to make sure we’re keeping all of our students safe,” said Dimitri Almasi, principal of Illini Bluffs High School.