Illinois could lose seat in House of Representatives

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PEORIA, Ill — Lawmakers say redistricting could have an impact on the house of representatives.

Officials say latest population trends in the state could play a role in the number of available seats. We caught up with representatives Cheri Bustos and Darrin LaHood to get their take on the issue of redistricting.

“I wish the supreme court had made a decision on it, they didn’t. We ought to go to a fair map system where we have non-politicians, you know, drawing the maps. Right now, we have politicians picking their voters, we should have voters picking their politicians,” said Congressman Darrin LaHood.

“Where there’s a population gain and where there’s population loss, that will all play out in the map. So, it looks like we will lose a seat in Illinois, I hate to say that, because that takes away from the power that we have,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

Right now as it stands, there are 435 members in the house of representatives, Illinois has 18 of those.

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