PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Foster families around Illinois will soon be getting more help from the state.

Initially, there was a three percent increase in monthly funding going back to families from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

It’s to offset increased costs of living, however, that increase will be even bigger.

“The additional funding is effective July 1st of this year, and it’s to the tune of a 14% increase. So very significant increase in terms of support these families will receive. That will feel very tangible and very meaningful to these families.” said Children’s Home Association Illinois Interim President & CEO Stephanie AlKhafaji.

DCFS’s budget for the fiscal year projected more youth in care than what has been observed.

“So, when you welcome a child into your home, you’re welcoming all the costs that come along with a child. Of course, some of the children in our care have additional needs. Whether that be medical or academic. And all of that comes out of cost. So, for the state to recognize the need to further support these families is tremendous,” said

A pair of foster parents have worked with the Children’s Home Association of Illinois since early 2020.

“It’s just been fun to see the growth and help parents too. Not just the kids themselves,” said foster parent Shelby.

And while being foster parents isn’t about the money, the extra financial support will be a boost for those they look after.

“We can support those kids and those families much better if we are better supported. And this is one small step in the right direction I would think to help us do that.” Shelby.