MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. — The state of Illinois is seeing record numbers of Hepatitis A cases. 

This year there have been well over 100 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Illinois. Nearly 20 of those patients are in Central Illinois. 

Leaders say the virus is untreatable and most who get it are hospitalized. The virus attacks the liver causing patients to feel dehydrated, drowsy and require intense care.

The Illinois Department of Health is sending help, because we’re experiencing a state-wide outbreak researchers are releasing vaccines to every health department in Illinois.

“Everybody should get their Hepatitis A vaccine we recommend that for anybody,” said Melissa Graven, Communicable Disease Supervisor, McLean County Health Department. “Especially those that are at highest risk. We want to make sure they have access to the vaccine and if they don’t have a way to pay for it, that’s okay we’ve got them covered. We want to make sure that they know they can come and get it.”

If you’re looking to get vaccinated, you can head to your local health department. You can also take preventative steps by washing your hands frequently and making your food and water is clean and safe.