Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti is looking to expand the virtual classroom to more rural schools around the state.

Sanguinetti stopped by Heyworth High School Monday afternoon to talk to a few students about their experiences in a virtual classroom.

Junior Garrett Houston is taking calculus. He says he just couldn’t make calculus fit into his schedule when the school offered it, so he’s taking it online.

“I’ve always been ahead in math and now I’m getting to the point where they don’t really have a math course for me after calculus,” Houston explained.

But his course options are expanded through the online classes. Houston says he’s also taken Mandarin through the virtual classroom.

Sanguinetti said, “He’s able to to challenge himself in areas where some kids would probably be disinterested and uninspired because they can’t excel in the classroom.”

Bradly Webb is a senior who is graduating early to join the military, by taking an extra class online. He says it forces him to pay more attention.

“When you have to actually work on your own, it causes your work ethic to actually increase. Like you actually have to try in these online classes,” he explained.

Sanguinetti says she wants to make sure students from all districts have access to a variety of classes, including AP courses. She says she’s opening up a pilot program for the virtual classroom, similar to Heyworth, that she wants to continue to expand.

“The issue is to bring this world class education to all kids in Illinois. It doesn’t matter how much your parents make or where you live.”