BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — People in low-income houses can get solar power energy at a fraction of the cost.

Illinois Solar For All is a program developed by the Illinois power agency that offers no upfront costs.

“To reach low-income residents in our community to help them become more aware of this program so they can access the benefits within it,” said Assistant Director at the Ecology Action Center, Larissa Armstrong.

The goal is to help improve the area by making developments in low-income communities.

“Those residents will basically lease the solar install at a lower monthly rate so they’ll end up saving money on their energy bills and they don’t have to worry about having capital for that upfront investment,” said Armstrong.

Ky Ajayi who is a project developer at Straight-up Solar says making the switch to solar energy can help you in the future.

“Going solar is akin to putting a power plant on your roof for the next 25, 30, 35 years there is an initial investment, but over time it is definitely worth it,” said Ajayi.

If you want to learn more head to the next grassroots education presentation at Mid-Central Community action in Bloomington on Dec. 4.