Illinois Residents May Soon Have to Pay More for Everyday Services

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You could soon be more paying more for every day services. Illinois lawmakers are proposing a increase in the sales tax to balance the budget.

The amendment would apply a 6.25 % sales tax.

State Rep. Toi  Hutchinson, sponsor of Senate Bill 9 says the selected services are those similar to ones being taxed in surrounding Midwestern states.

“If you’re looking at a conservative state, you look at what they tax, and ask ‘Could we be able to do that in Illinois?’ it’s the reality we have go with, with 6 billion dollar deficit.” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson’s proposal would tax the use of storage space, including parking garages and boat docks; repairs and maintenance of personal property such as cars; landscaping services such as sprinkler installation and snow removal; dry-cleaning; cable TV, satellite and digital streaming services; pest control; use of a private detective or installation of a home security system; and personal care, ranging from tanning to tattooing but not including hair styling. Some states tax other major services such as internet access and gym memberships. Illinois would not.

Local business owners believe that Illinois residents shouldn’t be the ones punished for the state of the budget, believing that the focus should be how Illinois got so far in debt.

“It’s not fixing what the problem is, and to go after the consumers in a different way to support these bad habits that maybe people have or expenditures are out of line,” Paola Hinton, Owner of Five Senses of Spa said.

The tax would bring in a projected 291 million dollars to the state, a small piece of the 6 billion dollar deficit that would help balance the budget.

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