Illinois River flood has now covered Spring Bay’s Lake street

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SPRING BAY, Il. – The Illinois River has covered Lake street as of Sunday morning.  Officials said although it’s unclear if the water will remain, they are ready to assist residents living along this area.

Leaders in the Village of Spring Bay have been preparing since Thursday to face the rising waters. Although they say they are used to this, they are still monitoring the situation closely.

“It’s just our responsibility to make sure that everything is being taken care of. We want to make sure the barriers are up and closing the streets. We want to make sure that we don’t have any debris coming into town. Every couple hours either myself or one of the other members of the village, we are out checking making sure everything is going okay,” said Dave Tilley, president elect of Spring Bay Village.

On Friday, the river stopped right behind Jeff Stepping’s house but Sunday it was surrounded by water.
He even had to park his vehicles across the way and go up a ladder to enter his house.

“The house is on a raised foundation, so it gets in the basement but the basement is not finished. The only difference is I have walk through some water to get over there. Once the water goes down I’ll just clean out the basement and it doesn’t end up being that big of a deal,” said Stepping.

Officials are hoping all of this will pass in less than a month but in the mean time, they are encouraging the community to use the resources available.

“We’re going to be dealing with this for quite a while. We’ll have water available at fire stations for residents. We’ll have clean up kits provided by the Red Cross and some people will even come in and use our restroom facilities and stuff like that because their septic systems won’t work because they’re inundated with water. All of that is still available throughout this entire flood,” said Dennis Perry, Fire Chief at Spring Bay Fire Department.

Most importantly, they want to make sure their water is safe.

“The houses here in Spring Bay are on a well so if that river water seeps into the well we want to make sure that the water is still safe to drink. We’ll have testing kits for the residents if they want them and we’ll send them off and get the results,” said Tilley.

Rain showers are expected this coming week which can affect how long residents have to deal with flooding issues.

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