Illinois River homeowners prep for rising flood waters ahead of projected cresting

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CHILLICOTHE | MOSSVILLE, Ill.- On Thursday, road closed signs block through traffic for State Street in Mossville. 

Running bubbling water rushes over the road and underneath pushing gallons of murky water down stream.

Just a few minutes north in Chillicothe, people who live along the Illinois River are making preparations ahead of rising flood levels. 

“Just overnight, it’s above, as you can see over the stairs,” said Cara Henderson. “I have no access to downstairs. Luckily yesterday though, I took everything out of the basement. now I’m just worried it’s going to come in the house.”

Cara Henderson has lived in this home for two years now, but has lived along the river for more than 10 years. 

“It happened back in 2013, and last year it was across the road but it didn’t come in the house,” said Henderson. “Now I’m wondering if it’s actually going to come in the house this time.” 

There’s no stopping flood waters, as Henderson knows, but she’s determined to stay as long as she can and hope for the best.

“Your life if more than just sticking around, I love it here but I’m not going to risk my life over it,” said Henderson.

Places across Central Illinois are experiencing some kind of flooding and countless road closures. 

Saturday is the day everyone is waiting for as that’s when meteorologists say the river is bound to crest. 

“The flooding is just making me actually very stressed and I’m not sure if I should pack up and leave yet or just wait through Saturday and see where we stand,” said Henderson.

More streets like this are bound to close over the next coming days that’s why officials emphasize turn around and don’t drown.

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