Illinois State Police tell drivers to slow down, stay alert in construction zones

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Illinois State Police want to remind drivers to slow down and be aware of what’s going on around them while driving through construction zones.

It’s easy to get frustrated following construction zone speed limits and want to go faster, but now that Interstate 74 Eastbound near Goodfield is down to one lane, itss best to slow down and stay aware of your surroundings.

“People get impatient. This is a 15 mile construction zone down to one lane with a concrete barrier in between. They get impatient, they want the vehicle in front of them to speed up, there may be no vehicle in front of that. Just give yourself time, slow down,” said Illinois State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Tony Halsey.

If you do experience problems, try to get over as soon as you can.

“The road widths are a lot narrower, there’s not a shoulder. If your vehicle breaks down, has a flat tire, runs out of gas, there’s no real shoulder for a vehicle to go on. If that does happen, try to coast as far right as you can,” Sgt. Halsey said.

Once you get over and have your hazard lights on, Sgt. Halsey says to call 9-1-1 immediately and police will send help for you.

“The Illinois State Police and IDOT have teamed up to get some tow services on board that will work with us that are nearby that if something like that does happen in a vehicle wreck, they get them out of there as soon as possible,” Halsey said.

And if the roads are wet, it makes conditions much more difficult to drive through in a construction zone.

“If it rains, it’s gonna be a lot harder, but if you do happen to stall in the construction zone, especially this one, please call 911 immediately. We will not leave a vehicle here, we’ll tow you out immediately just to prevent another incident like yesterday from happening,” Halsey said.

Michael Lampignano is traveling from Southern California to Chattanooga with his wife and two dogs in an RV. He says he’s driven through several construction zones, and each one can be intimidating for drivers.

“It’s pretty tight. It goes down to that one lane, and then you’ve got workers on either side of you. You’ve got to be prepared for them too. Be super cautious. It’s a little nerve wracking, especially the slow down and speed up comes up pretty quick especially when they come up back to back to back,” Lampignano said.

Halsey says another way to keep everyone safe is to not tailgate the driver in front of you.

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