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Illinois State Police to crack down on left lane drivers

ILLINOIS - Illinois state troopers are cracking down on a habit that irritates a lot of drivers.

With a new year state police are working a new tactic to bust people misusing the left lane. Troopers will be using covert vehicles to help them catch drivers who are violating state laws. Your best best to stay out of trouble is to obey the speed limit, and stay clear of the left lane.

"Most of the roads in Illinois especially I-55 are so deteriorated on the right side that I drive on the left side because it's smoother," said driver Myrna Latham.

Drivers like Latham are being warned. The law was designed to keep drivers from misusing the left lane, which according to Trooper Lisa Osborne should only be used to pass other vehicles or for moving over for emergency vehicles. To avoid crashes police ask everyone to follow the law when it's applied on four lane, two way roadways. Additionally, while surveying the roads state police will continue to enforce the fatal four violations.

“Driving under the influence, distracted driving, seat belt violations, and speeding, those are the four largest contributors to crashes in Illinois and to fatalities in Illinois,” said Trooper Osborne.

State troopers say you should give yourself an additional 10 minutes before hitting the roads. If you find yourself lingering in the left lane and get pulled over you can be fined up to $120.

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