Illinois State students moving out of dorms, Congressman Rodney Davis moves out twins

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NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD)– It might only be May, but students at Illinois State University are already moving out of their dorms due to COVID-19.

On Friday, parents of Illinois State students were helping move their kids out of the dorms and back home. As we reported earlier, the university is transitioning to all online classes for the rest of the semester.

Now many students are returning to campus to move their belongings out of their dorm rooms and back home to mom and dad.

“I moved the kids in in the heat of summer in August my twins were freshmen coming into the well known Waterson moving day. I never thought I have to move out in March, but here we are at a time that’s not been seen in our nation’s history and glad to get here and get this stuff out but I’m excited to see what the next few months bring to, to see when we can beat this thing,” said Congressman, Rodney Davis.

Congressman Rodney Davis was on campus to move his 19-year-old twins out of their dorm rooms. Congressman Davis told WMBD that he believes the school made the right decision in unprecedented times.

“They’ve been home for a couple weeks. They had spring break and then spring break got extended, then we got the notice to come move them out. It’s a good move by our colleges–they had to make these decisions, it’s not one I know President Dietz wanted to make,” Davis said.

Congressman Davis also applauded the efforts of Congress and the president in passing two bills signed into law, one that offers free testing for COVID-19 and the other supporting small businesses during the pandemic.

“The next package is one that was the first step in helping our small businesses, helping them to survive. Government has had to make decisions that I never thought governments at all levels would have had to make. And we need to ensure that our mainstream businesses are at the forefront of any federal, state and local assistance. That’s what that bill did,” Davis said.

Davis says he never thought he’d see the economy undone in just three weeks.

“I can tell you when I ran for office seven and a half years ago, I never thought we would go from what we’ve looked forward to which was the best economy we’ve seen in my lifetime, the lowest unemployment that we’ve seen in my lifetime. And that was just three short weeks ago, and now we’ve seen unemployment claims in Illinois jumped from 4000 per week, up to 41,000,” Davis said.

Davis hopes the country can come together as Republicans and Democrats and beat the virus together.

“This is a major issue. We got to come together as Republicans the democrats not do any political blame game, and let’s come together and get things done and help those who are hurting. And that’s our main street businesses that’s our families. And once we get out of this virus, once we conquer this which we will, because we’re the United States of America. We will be able to turn our economy back on and get back to where we were just a few short weeks ago,” Davis said.

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