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Impact of Title IX on college campuses

"Title IX is a federal, civil rights law that's a broad tool that enforces equal treatment of female and male student athletes," says Carol Merna, executive director of the Center for Prevention of Abuse. "But there are other protections in Title IX that include sexual assault."

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says the Trump administration is planning to overturn certain guidelines of Title IX.

The administration believes certain criteria "denies due process against accused perpetrators" of sexual assault.

In order to ensure college campuses create a "just and fair environment," DeVos is meeting with students to discuss the impact of Title IX.

WMBD spoke with Bradley University student, Jenna Dellaria, who is a sexual assault survivor. 

"It's important for people to realize without it, I wouldn't have gotten the support I needed and the resources that were there for me," says Dellaria.

According to the Center for Prevention of Abuse, over 11% of all college-age students will experience a violent sexual assault.

"Title IX and what it provides helps give those folks a voice and it helps them feel safe," says Merna.

"It definitely helps with the healing process a lot," says Dellaria. "It definitely helps with legal matters and it just helps students feel comfortable in situations like that."

For more information about Title IX and what tools it provides, contact the Center for Prevention of Abuse.

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