In light of recent shootings, local organizations say stop the violence

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — There have been three homicides in Peoria since the year began. The most recent victim, 22-year-old Brein Metts who was shot in the back Wednesday.

Before COVID-19, Peoria Community Against Violence (PCAV) and Crime Stoppers canvassed neighborhoods, working to solve gun-related crimes. Their routines have changed because of restrictions, but their message is still the same.

They are asking you to respect your neighbors, and put the guns down. Crime Stoppers Coordinator Sgt. Sherrell Stinson said he understands people may be restless and on edge right now, but he advises you not to do something you might regret.

“The advice I can give is to tell people to find an outlet a lot of people are starting to workout from home and everything like that, just some stuff that you can find to do that are stress relievers,” Sgt. Stinson said.

Christopher Duncan, President of PCAV said they are still working behind the scenes to bring families justice, but one thing they cannot do right now, is be present for families. Members of PCAV used to canvass neighborhoods, but they also went to hospitals to comfort victims’ families.

Duncan said he wants to remind people that one act of violence can impact an entire family.

“This could affect somebody’s son or daughter or somebody’s mother or father or somebody’s friend or somebody that someone in the community cares very deeply for,” Duncan said. “We want people in the community to know that this could be you, mother or father, this could be your sister or brother, this could be your good friend.”

Crime Stoppers wants to remind you to say something, if you see something, adding that tips bring about justice.

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