In-person or Online instruction? An inside look at what learning in the class may look like

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — These past two weeks most Central Illinois families have had to make a tough decision, choosing whether their child will be in the class or learning remotely this semester. It’s been said online learning gives you a better chance at not contracting covid-19, but some parents don’t have that option.

For parents choosing to have their kids learn in the classroom, they may have some concerns. Is my child going to wear a mask all day? How do i know they wont get covid-19?

These are some of the many questions parents who send their child to Scott Early Learning Center in Bloomington had, but now after a few weeks, they say their nerves are settling.

The center reopened its doors in mid-July, allowing kids who relied on its services to come back, but for the kids it doesn’t look the same.

“As an agency we looked at a plan that everyone was doing across the board so that we minimize germs,” said Sarah Duvendack, Assistant Site Manager. “We now have less toys. We are not allowing blankets from home.”

As well as, mandatory masks. However, those changes were not enough to convince everyone at first, but some didn’t have a choice.

“I had one parent who had to wait until we came back in order for her to work,” said Tammy Kniss, Teacher. “Some families have jobs where they can work at home, other families do not have that option and they need a safe place. At the same instance they are still concerned about the safety with COVID-19.”

A feeling felt by many parents, but some say their child’s development outweighed their concerns.          

“I was a little scared to send them back, but at the same time, I felt like for them they needed to go,” said Kelsey Koch, Parent. “They needed to be around people, and they need to socialize, and they were missing that.”

Now after several days of temperature checks and wellness questionnaires, teachers and staff say they are now getting into the swing of things.

“For us just focusing on doing our best in the moment,” said Kniss. “Providing a stable place, and a fun place for kids to get back to.”

The Scott Early Learning Center is accepting new enrollments right now.. to find out how you can apply visit their website.         

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