BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — On Friday, the City of Bloomington hosted its first Local Hero Expo. More than 20 groups including first responders, nonprofits, and several city departments were at the Grossinger Motors Arena.

People had a chance to meet the city’s public servants and learn about their duties. Some activities at the family even included obstacle courses, kids dressing up in mock police uniforms, and viewing crime scene scenarios.

According to organizers, women nationally make up 34% of public servants and the city wants to help increase that number. Paige Malloy, Human Resources Intern, overall the city wanted to highlight the many people that keep the city running on a daily basis.

“This event is recruitment and also education. So we’re teaching people about the opportunities they have in store but also how to be safe in our community. How to work with the public servants you’re alongside,” she said. “Something that we like to keep in mind is that the kids that are here now, they’re going to be applying for jobs in 15 or 20 years and we want them to consider being public servants.”

Malloy said she is proud of the turnout for the first year and the city hopes to host it annually during the warmer seasons.