Increased flooding in Central Illinois creates breeding ground for mosquitoes

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Mosquitoes are out and about for the next few months and floodwater in the past weeks mean they have a higher ability to transfer viruses and diseases to humans.

Marianne Manko, public affairs coordinator at the Mclean County Health Department said it is time to start wearing bug spray and follow the three “R’s.”

The three “R’s” consist of:

  • Reducing the standing water that create breeding grounds for mosquitoes
  • Repel them by using insect repellant and wearing long sleeve shirts and pants
  • Report dead animals to your local health department

Diseases and viruses in dead animal can spread through mosquitoes and it is important they get taken care of by health departments.

Manko said now through mid-October is the most active time for mosquitoes to spread these kinds of diseases.

“Westnile virus, the zika virus, encephalitis, those are just three kinds of viruses that can cause some medical issues for people that we really look for,” said Manko.

Other places for mosquito breeding grounds include kiddy pools, basements with flood waters, and gutters that have not been cleaned or are clogged.

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