Industry experts react to net neutrality being dismantled

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Net neutrality kept internet providers from blocking websites or charging you more for higher quality services. Now that those rules have been erased and your internet experience could soon be transformed from an equal playing field to a money-driven enterprise.

Illinois State University Information Security Officer Kevin Crouse says he isn’t surprised the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. He believes consumers who can’t afford to pay more will be the ones who suffer the most.

“They took the rules out that said all internet traffic is the same, whats going to effect consumers is it will change the way it is delivered to a sum,” said Crouse. He adds, “It could slow down what you’re getting, speed up what you’re getting, ultimately what it comes down to is it doesn’t make it an even layer playing field.”

The broadband industry says there are no plans to restrict the internet, but it appears the battle over net neutrality isn’t over. Opponents plan to fight the FCC’s decision in court.

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