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The Good Vibe Crew out of Bloomington-Normal is putting music aside for a little bit to help clean their community. GVC is primarily known for hosting electronic dance music events, but Sunday they were dubstepping for a good cause.

“He (Cody Barnes) just noticed trash culminating in the city and he thought why not kinda use our group to do some good around the city,” said Ben Lowery, member of GVC.

They decided to host community waste pick ups, spending 3-4 hours each event picking up trash on the streets of the Twin Cities for free. Lowery says they didn’t care about the publicity for the crew, they wanted to help their community and found joy in doing so.

They post Facebook events and get volunteers to come out and join but the number of volunteers never exceed 15. In fact, Sunday, they were the only two out there for several hours before being joined by two more.

“It’s a little frustrating at times it is but we just keep trucking along and trying our best to make a difference,” said Cody Barnes Founder of GVC.

They say they got the idea from the nation’s Go Green Movement. They were inspired by how small groups of people can make large changes in a community and decided to emulate that in their own backyard. But, despite all of the hard work they are doing, their goal is quite simple.

“In the end we were just trying to make people happier, and with the trash, its just small bits of change in the world can open the eyes of a lot of people,” said Barnes.

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