Insane Ink money hunt shut down due to high amount of people present

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PEKIN, Ill. — “I would say close to a thousand people today maybe, there were probably more people there yesterday.”

Two days ago John Ray, Owner of Insane Ink hid hundreds of dollars and a tattoo gift certificate in Mineral Springs Park in Pekin. Due to the high amount of people, police ended the hunt.

“They told me to go get the money, they told me to shut it down,” said Ray.

Local Pekin resident Kris Lietz thought the high volume of people from out of town was part of the problem.

“I think it brought attention for more people out of town and things like that, that don’t respect our park like the people of Pekin respect our park,” said Lietz.

Executive Director of the Pekin Park District, Cameron Bettin said safety was their number one concern. With people walking through flower beds, opening lids of irrigation bins and trying to break into high voltage electrical boxes, they deemed the situation uncontrollable and dangerous to the public.

Some people thought John didn’t hide the money at all, but he assures them that he did.

Bettin said acquiring a permit and applied stipulations would be necessary in the future for events like these.

Ray still plans to give away the money, he just has to figure out how.

“I’m definitely gonna still try and give it away, i’m definitely now probably gonna add a lot more to it and just figure out the next step.”

The people of Pekin love that John does this and continue to support him.

“John you did awesome I love to see everybody in Pekin, yesterday the last two days I live by the park and love to see everybody out there walking around,” said Lietz

For more information on future giveaways follow him on his facebook.

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