PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Bradley University is experiencing an increase in international student admissions.

Rachel Krien, an admissions director with the university, said the numbers have gone from about 25 students in one semester to more than 200 students throughout a school year.

This increase is in all levels of international applications such as undergraduate, graduate, transfer, and first-year students.

Along with COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, Krein said one major part of the increase is the partnership the university has with market entry strategists in other countries, like India.

Krein believes having international students brings a sense of diversity.

“International students in the classroom gives a diverse perspective in terms of discussion, [and] student groups. [It] allows American students to get that other perspective, especially for students who can’t afford -for money or time to study abroad,” Krein said.

She said the top program of interest is in computer science, and engineering came second. STEM programs are their top interest due to the security of jobs in those fields, and the special benefits the government offers those in STEM-specific programs.

Krein said while most of Bradley’s international students are from India, they are looking to recruit students from other countries.