PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Intuition Coffee is the newest coffee shop to call Peoria its home.

Ty Paluska was once a co-owner of Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co. but sold his shares to move west.

When Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co. decided it was time to close its doors, Paluska received a phone call to see if he wanted to come back and open his own shop. Paluska and his wife, Kami, moved home without a second thought and started integrating ideas of coffee shops from their travels and bringing them to Peoria.

“I got to help hundreds of coffee shops open, and so getting to experience as a rep what everyone was doing, I’m taking little pieces from a lot of those spots and really brought it together here in Peoria and it’s been, really so far, wildly accepted,” said Paluska.

Paluska states that the name Intuition Coffee is because he has always felt he needed to be in this building.