Bloomington, Ill. (WMBD) — The investigation to find out the origins of King Julian the ring-tailed lemur is still ongoing. He is currently being quarantined at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington.

King Julian was found Thursday morning in a Bloomington family’s garage, far from Madagascar where lemurs are from.

Scott Ballard, an endangered species specialist for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, said it is illegal in Illinois to own a primate unless someone with a severe mobility impairment has the proper permits to own a capuchin monkey.

Ballard encourages people to get the proper permits before trying to own exotic animals and/or endangered species.

“These are not pets. Lemurs are primates. There are several things primates can carry that are transmissible to humans. Like Hepatitis B. These primates are very strong,” he said.

If anyone has any information about where King Julian may have come from call IDNR Conservation Police at 1-8772DNRLAW (236-7529).