ISP amping up efforts to catch “Scott’s Law” offenders

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Illinois State Trooper Lisa Osborne knows the dangers associated with her badge all too well.

“On a traffic stop and I had a car come by one time and the side mirror brushed my arm,” said Osborne.

Luckily Osborne is still here to tell the story, but some of her fellow troopers haven’t been as lucky.

For example, Trooper Brooke Jones-Story was stuck while conducting a traffic stop on Route 20 near Freeport. Jones-Story joins several other troopers who’ve been struck by a driver who simply didn’t move over.

“There are several states that have a move over law,” added Osborne. Illinois being one of them, ISP is applying pressure on drivers.

Our cameras were rolling as Osborne and her colleagues watched vigilantly, monitored attentively and waited patiently for Scott’s Law offenders.

After minutes of waiting, Osborne eventually came across an offender.

“As you can see they could get over and they didn’t,” said Osborne, referencing the driver who passed one of her ISP colleagues conducted a traffic stop.

“In Illinois if there’s a disabled vehicle with its flashers on or an emergency vehicle with its flashers on […] if you’re able to you have to get over to one lane you have to,” Osborne explained to the driver. “If you can’t get over you have to at least slow down to a reasonable speed.”

The driver wasn’t from Illinois, so she offered a warning. Osborne says she prefers to not ticket drivers, but its part of her job.

“I’m going to issue him a written warning,” Osborne said. “It doesn’t go against his driving record and that way hes been advised as to what our law is, one of our main goals to educate.”

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